Wedding Videographer Italy, Villa Catignano.

Celeste and Mark, have chosen Italy to celebrate their wedding, in the beautiful Tuscany and hired Alessio Martinelli Visual as Videographer.
The preparations, both of the bride and the groom, were made in two of the beautiful rooms made available by the location where they then held the reception.
For the ceremony, the couple chose the Certosa di Pontignano, a church that is recognized in the world as a small Sistine chapel in the land of Siena, with fascinating cloisters where they can easily accommodate hundreds of guests.

After the religious ceremony, the spouses first took a walk inside the cloister adjacent to the church, then they reached the guests in the suggestive location of Villa Catignano where they continued their walk in the splendid Italian garden divided into three main sectors: the first is made up of flower beds edged with box hedges and decorated with spheres of the same essence; the second, divided from the previous one by a holm oak hedge that frames the statues of the Four Seasons, is composed of a large lawn with lemon trees in large terracotta pots and fruit trees; the third, also in the meadow, is between the lemon house and a suggestive holm oak berceau.

Dinner was served in the open space, located in front of the main building of the villa, adorned for the occasion with romantic lights; between courses, relatives and friends took turns in very funny readings and speeches.
Finally, cutting the cake and dancing.

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